gift • ed 
adjective • having exceptional talent or natural ability.  

All Kids are Gifted is a lifestyle company that is building a community centered around featuring kids.  Parents / family members / teachers / siblings / mentors, etc. love to talk about children and their (the child's) accomplishments, activities they're involved in, things they excel at, etc. All Kids creates a platform in a community to do so on a larger level and we would love to feature all of the gifted kids that YOU know, as well as to place a spotlight on parents / caregivers in a fun way with style + inspirational features. After all, behind every gifted child is someone who told them they could do it! We have broken the submissions into different categories: Gifted with Brains, Moves, Creativity, Style and Generosity.


All Kids also offers fun DIY's that an adult or older overseer can do alongside a child / children to promote bonding and fun. Style features are definitely something we're excited about along with Mama Style and Dad Style (because to be great parents it’s important that Mama’s and Daddy’s feel their best too). 


Last but definitely not least is the biggest reason All Kids was started at all. One of the largest driving forces that lit the uncontainable fire and made this all come together, was the overwhelming need to bring awareness of events and aid to the world. We want to make a difference in people’s lives, also to teach kids to be generous. We have the NEED to help those that are in need, obviously children are the first to come to mind but we’ve made it our goal to team up with organizations to help children and families in our community and all over the world. Take a look at our PARTNERSHIPS page to see a list of the causes + organizations that we've already started teaming up with. We are always looking to continue to expand in partnerships to meet the needs in all of the areas we possibly can. If you're interested in partnering with us, fill out the "Contact Us" form HERE.


As we teach the kids that we get to impact how  to embrace what their unique gifts are, spend time creating and bonding with them, styling them to look and feel their best as we do so ourselves, and bring awareness and generosity to those in need all around us, we are giving them the gift to be able to make a difference in peoples lives. We are devoted to recognize all kids because ALL KIDS are Gifted.