The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.
— Dr. Seuss

We hung out at the library for a few hours today and may I say that I LOVE the library! I love books and I love reading them. I was a bookworm growing up and I still love to sit and read when I get the chance to. What  I loved the most about reading was being transported to different time periods, different worlds, walking in other people's shoes and feeling what they felt. I loved it! I didn't even realize the positive things it was doing to my brain, so win win!

We also love to encourage reading in our home. On that topic I looked up the top 10 benefits of kiddos reading or reading to them and this is how narrowed it down:

  1. It helps build a strong relationship with you.
  2. Promotes academic excellence. 
  3. Basic speech skills
  4. Teaches the basics of how to read a book
  5. Better communication skills
  6. Mastery of language
  7. More logical thinking skills
  8. Acclimation to new experiences
  9. Enhanced concentration and discipline 
  10. The knowledge that reading is fun!

Next time you're wanting a fun activity to do with your kiddos on a rainy day ... or even on sunny day, I'm sure your town/city has a pretty cool library to hang out in! Take some cute pictures while you're there as well, there's something so extraordinary and artistic about the buildings where books live. 

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